Preparing the Ads

Register with ICUMedia

Click "Login", register a new account. Once registered with ICUMedia you can download our "ICUPlayer" software to your computer for testing purpose.

An newly created online account will allow you to create, manage the content and publish it to your test computer.

Register your TV screen

Under the test environment, your computer is your Ads TV output screen. Start by installing "ICUPlayer" on your computer, when first run it, it will ask for username/password of your newly created online account.

Don't forget to give it a name.

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Create Content

You can easily to create your own advertising content using our pre-built template library. ICUMedia has a rich collection of growing content templates for all kind of businesses.

Simply supplying your own text phrase, image and video. Your video is ready in seconds!!!

Local Testing

ICUMedia offers the operator an intuitive way to control the TV output screen, and to preview the content in fullscreen or share screen mode.

Functions include add/remove ads content from the playlist.
Viewing screen status|playlist.
Skip|Play|Stop the ads.

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Publishing the Ads

Build your screens

Your TV ads screen come 2 types:
1. Normal TV screen (need to be upgraded with ICUMedia kits)
2. Digital Signage (TV Screen with pre-built Windows| Linux| Android STB inside)
Install "ICUPlayer" software on each screen and register it with ICUMedia to grow your screen list.
ICUMedia has no limit on the number of screens that you want to build or invest in.
If screen is available for public leasing, you need to register it with ICUMedia for verification and approval.

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Group your screens

Grouping your screen in matching location, related industry, etc...
You can select public screens that are available for leasing to be part of your screen group.
Note your Ads may need to seek approval from the local authority.
Fund must be available in your account before you can publish the ads on leased screens

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Publish the Ads

Ads can be published to a screen group and available for viewing within a programmable date/time window. When the Ads is expired, it will be automatically removed from the TV Screen playlist.

To screen your Ads on Public screens, please follow ICUMedia guidance for documents requirements for seeking approval.
Normally this procedure only requires if your services or products are related to public health, or foods for human consumption.

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Ads/Viewer Statistic

Forget the unreliable, "trusted" weekly/monthly reports, with ICUMEdia you can monitor your screen plays, viewer traffic statistic in realtime. "atch your screen operational status and take action when necessary. ICUMedia eye-catching graphs will fill you with all the operational and statistic details.

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Control Your Ads

You have a complete control of your ads and TV screen. Inserting addtional text or message running accross the screen while the ads is running, is simple with a few clicks.
In emergency, you can put all your ads on "StandBy" (temporary stop playing).

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Video Snapshot/Go-Green

Take a quick view of your screen surrounding remotely with a single click. In Go-Green mode, your TV screen will auto go blank when there is no viewer or motion detected
Save the energy, save the screen from burn-in.

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